About Us
Benjamin Carr
His Brother

Hi, We’re Ben and Dan Carr(ie). We’ve started Lug & Carrie because we want to make it really simple for people to use eBikes for their everyday transport. Why? Because eBikes are fun, save people time and money, give them more control and are a great sustainable form of transport for getting around our ever growing cities.

We grew up in small towns in Australia, but through living in Melbourne and Berlin have become passionate about how smart, green and fun urban mobility can make our city life more sustainable and enjoyable. Ben is a Product Designer with ten years of experience in public, shared and micromobility transport solutions. Dan recently led one of the largest vehicle and equipment finance businesses in Australia. Together we think we make a pretty good team for implementing a full service eBike fleet.

For Lug & Carrie, we’ve partnered with Tern and the Bicycle Network to bring to life what we think is the best way to easily transition your daily transport to something better.