The Lug & Carrie Blog
2020 Holiday Hours
December 21, 2020
Lug & Carrie's hours over the 2020 holiday period.
Think Before You Dink, and 3 Other Cycling Rules You Probably Don't Know
December 3, 2020
Think you know all the bicycling rules in Melbourne? We've got 4 that we think you may not know, covering your dog, your kids, and how not to dink.
Lug & Carrie November 2020 COVID Update
November 9, 2020
An update on Lug & Carrie's open hours, test rides, and appointments.
Why Get An Ebike? Here's What Our Customers Say
October 2, 2020
We have had well over 100 customers, and they are not shy in telling us why they love their ebike. Find out the top 4 reasons why.
What's Happening at Lug & Carrie During Stage 4 Restrictions
August 6, 2020
We're still accepting new customers, but some things are changing during Stage 4. The details are here.
Free Ebike Subscriptions For Essential Services Workers
July 23, 2020
Do you know an essential services worker who would like a little ebike joy in their daily commute? Find out more about the free ebike subscriptions we're offering.
COVID-19 Update & Test Rides To You
July 15, 2020
An update on what we're doing during COVID-19 and the details of how you can have us bring a test ride to you.
How An 8-hour Car Trip Led to Australia's First Electric Bike Subscription Service
July 6, 2020
Lug & Carrie Co-founder Dan was recently featured on the website Planet B, in a story about the Lug & Carrie e-bike service and sustainable transportation.
Top 4 Places in Melbourne to Bike With Your Kids During School Holidays
June 24, 2020
School holidays are here! Double your fun by combining a bike ride with one our top 4 picks for places to ride with your kids over the school break.
The Lug & Carrie Guide to Winter Riding
May 14, 2020
The Lug & Carrie Guide to Winter Riding. Top tips for whatever winter riding you are planning.
Need Transportation? Why an e-bike from Lug & Carrie is the answer
April 8, 2020
Find out how an e-bike from Lug & Carrie stacks up against other ways to get around town.
Favourite Rides: The Main Yarra Trail Northeast
April 3, 2020
22 kilometres of off-street bicycle path through the bush, in the middle of Melbourne? The Main Yarra Trail is just that.
The Lug & Carrie Guide to Breakdowns
April 3, 2020
Bike breakdown got you down? You are in the right place: Lug & Carrie's handy step-by-step guide for what to do in case of a bike breakdown.
Want to improve your commute? 5 reasons to try an e-bike
March 16, 2020
Want to improve your commute? Try bicycle commuting. Want to improve your commute even more? Try bicycle commuting using an e-bike. Here's 5 reasons why it'll make commuting the favourite part of your day.
The Lug & Carrie Guide to Securing Your Ebike
March 4, 2020
A handy step-by-step guide to locking your Tern e-bike.
5 Things: The Lug & Carrie E-Bike Subscription Service
February 25, 2020
Wondering what's an e-bike subscription service, and why you should care? This post summarises the best things about the Lug & Carrie e-bike subscription service, in 5 simple points.
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