The Tern HSD from Lug & Carrie

May 1, 2020

The Tern HSD from Lug & Carrie

Subscriptions starting at $44/week

The Tern HSD: Enormously useful, surprisingly smaller. 

It’s Lug & Carrie’s mighty red e-bike that’s nimble but can handle almost anything you throw at it. Keep reading to find out why we love it.

woman with red Tern HSD

The Tern HSD is a multi-tasker

The HSD looks like a compact regular bike, but is so much more. It is designed to carry cargo, with a built-in rack that will hold up to 60kg. That means it can easily carry everything you need for work, a couple bottles of wine, and the pizza you pick up on the way home on a Friday night.

The HSD is equipped with a Bosch electric pedal assist motor that makes carrying that 60kg a breeze. Pedal assist means the motor adds to your pedalling effort almost without you knowing, with five different levels of assistance from Zero to Turbo.

Accessories like mudguards, built-in lights, and a rack come standard with the HSD. Lug & Carrie has a range of other accessories available to add to a subscription, such as child seats, pannier bags, or additional racks, allowing you to equip the Tern to suit your lifestyle.

What the Reviewers Say

"Tern’s folding, compact commuter ebikes have gotten even better." - Wired Magazine 
"I believe the HSD will change peoples' minds about what they can do daily by bike." - Bike Shop Girl
a pair of elderly people riding Tern HSDs

Easy to ride, for everyone

We also appreciate the smart design of the Terns when it comes to rideability. The oversized tyres and a low centre of gravity make for a comfortable, balanced ride, even when loaded. Those elements coupled with the excellent rider visibility that comes with an upright riding position, and you feel confident and safe.

The Tern HSD only comes in one size, but that’s ok. It was built to be extremely flexible in terms of who can ride it. The bike has handlebars and a seat which, when adjusted, accommodate any rider from 150-195cm tall. 

The HSD adds front suspension for a cushier ride over varied terrain.

What the Reviewers Say

"Riding the [HSD] is simplicity itself." - eBike Tips

Top quality and thoughtfully designed

a Tern HSD standing on end

One of the most important parts of any electric bike are the electrics. Bosch is one of the top names in the business of e-bike motors and batteries. These deliver a ride that’s smooth and comfortable. 

The battery charges easily and quickly, and can charge fully in around 4 hours. A full charge will last for up to 110km of riding, depending on how much pedal assistance you are using.

HSD is light enough to quickly fold up and load into the back of your car, and is small enough to use in those multi-modal commutes where you find yourself and your bicycle on the train. 

Couple this with quality tyres, hydraulic disc brakes that’ll work well no matter the conditions, and excellent overall craftsmanship, and you have an e-bike that is solid, reliable, and fun.

What the Reviewers Say

"A cheaper e-bike will get you to your destination. But a bike like the Tern HSD will get you there reliably, day after day, and the ride will be so much better thanks to the higher quality components and better engineering of the entire system." - Electrek

The Tern HSD in Action

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