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The Tern GSD

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The GSD stands for 'Get Stuff Done', and this bike lives up to its name. Keep reading to find out everything that's great about the Tern GSD.

“Park the car, Tern has thought of nearly everything on the GSD. For urban, everyday utility it’s close to perfect.”
- Bike Radar

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The Tern GSD can replace your car!

No really, it can. We like to think of the GSD as the family car, one that you’re actually proud to be caught in.

The Tern GSD has an overall load capacity of 180kg, so is able to carry just about anything you would want to stow in the 68 litre panniers, stack on the shortbed tray, or stow in the front rack. Got kids? The GSD has room for two Thule Yepp Maxi childseats. And they are so easy to install that you’ll be mad at your car. Need to grab groceries? Add a couple of the Cargo Hold Panniers and ride home with your weekly shop.

What else? Try bags of soil, trays of plants and a spade for digging. The options are endless. The GSD is equipped with a powerful Bosch electric pedal assist motor that makes hauling all your stuff easy. It gives you a smooth extra push when you’re fully loaded and the light turns green.

What Reviewers Say

“Park the car, Tern has thought of nearly everything on the GSD. For urban, everyday utility it’s close to perfect.”
- Bike Radar

Hauls like a ute. Doesn’t ride like one.

With all its muscle, you might be tempted to think that the Tern GSD would be a big bike that’s rough around the edges and hard to handle. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The GSD accomplishes the feat of being stout but smooth through smart design.

The Tern GSD is the same length as a regular bicycle, but has a longer wheelbase, which keeps it stable. Smaller wheels give it a low centre of gravity, and a low step through height means you can easily balance the bike when it's loaded.

The combination of these smart elements makes for an eBike that’s comfortable, easy and fun to ride, even when it is working hard. Everyone in the family is going to want a turn riding the GSD, not to mention the parents in your mother’s group, and some admiring onlookers at the shops. Luckily, they all can - if you let them. The Tern GSD was built to be extremely flexible in terms of who can ride it.

The bike has handlebars and a seat which, when adjusted, accommodate any rider from 150-195cm tall.

What Reviewers Say

“Brilliantly simple, amazing range, stable and enjoyable ride.”  
- Cycling Plus Magazine

“Tern’s GSD doesn’t come in a range of sizes, but what it does have is a giant range of adjustability. Instead of ‘one-size fits all’ being a joke, it’s actually an accurate statement with the GSD.”
- Bike Radar

Solidly Built. Thoughtfully detailed.

To the solidly built frame, Tern has added top quality components from bottom to top. The electrics are by Bosch, who produce some of the best eBike motors and batteries in the world. This shows in a performance that is so smooth and comfortable you’ll forget it is there until you are passing people going uphill.

The battery charges easily and quickly, and can charge fully in around 4 hours. A full charge will last for up to 110km of riding, depending on how much pedal assistance you are using. That’s enough to get you back and forth to school drop off for a week.

First rate, all-condition tyres, hydraulic disc brakes that’ll work well no matter the conditions, and accessories like mudguards and built-in lights complete the package on the GSD.

Lug & Carrie has a range of other accessories available to add to a subscription, such as child seats, panniers, or racks, allowing you to equip the Tern to suit your lifestyle.

And then there are the little things. Even though the Tern is built tough, it has been designed to stand on end so you can fit it into the elevator at work, or to store it indoors at home.

What Reviewers Say

“The Tern GSD is, without a doubt, the most useful bike I’ve ever ridden and there’s a hole in my life now I’ve had to give it back.”
- eBikeTips, who named the Tern GSD their 2019/2020 cargo e-bike and overall electric bike of the year

General Information

  • 20" Wheels
  • 1x10
  • 176 x 40.5 x 83 cm (69.3" x 15.9" x 32.7")
  • One size
  • 26" - 99" (2.08 - 7.91 m)
  • 150 - 195 cm (4'11" - 6'5")
  • 200 kg (440 lb)
  • 120 kg. (264 lbs.)


  • FORK
  • 6061-AL, patented MultiTruss design, EFBE Tri-Test approved: 200 kg
  • Suntour custom, 1.5"tapered Chromoly steerer, 32mm stanchions, Thru-axle, 70mm travel, EFBE aprvd: 200kg


  • STEM
  • Tern Physis 3D, 3D forged, 5 patented technologies, 12°, 290 mm
  • Tern Andros (G2), adjustable, forged construction, patented technology
  • Tern Flux Pro Taper, 1.5", angular contact bearings, Physis integrated
  • Tern Sweep, 6061-AL, Tern Andros adapted
  • Ergon
  • Tern GSD by Velo, with rear handle
  • Tern Telescope, 34.9 mm, 2014-AL | Tern Collar, 6061-AL, 2pc


  • REAR
  • Magura MT5, 4-piston hydraulic disc, 180 mm rotor, Sport Pads
  • Magura MT5, 4-piston hydraulic disc, 180 mm rotor, Sport Pads
  • Magura MT5 e-stop, hydraulic, with brake sensor


  • RIMS

  • Tern Atlas, Boost thru-axle, Cargo-optimized design, sealed cartridge bearing
  • Tern Atlas, Boost thru-axle, Syntace X-12 standard, Cargo-optimized design
  • Stainless steel, 13G
  • Tern Atlas, ultra wide 36 mm, dual reinforced joint
  • F: Schwalbe Big Ben Plus, 55-406, Green Guard puncture protection, Reflex R: Tern x Schwalbe Super Moto-X, 62-406, Green Guard puncture protection, Reflex


  • Shimano Deore, 1 x 10 spd
  • Shimano Deore Shadow+
  • Tern GSD custom, forged 6061-AL DH crankarm
  • Shimano 11-36T, 10 spd
  • Motor integrated
  • 10 spd, DHT for eBike, GST corrosion resistant coating
  • Urban with non-slip surface, sealed bearings
  • Jagwire LEX-SL, slick treatment, alloy ferrules


  • Bosch Cargo Line, 400% Assist, 85 Nm Torque, max speed 25 kph (AU); max speed 20 mph (US)
  • Bosch Dual Battery system, 400wh/500wh
  • Bosch Purion, 4 mode selectable, walk assist
  • 400 Wh: 42-85 km / 500Wh: 60-140 km | 220V, 4A (AU); 100-240V, 4A (US)

Bells & Whistles

  • BELL
  • RACK(S)
  • Pitch Plus, brass
  • Tern Custom, full chain cover
  • Atlas Lockstand, w/ remote unlock, patented technology
  • Combo Mount
  • Tern Valo Direct, integrated, 190 lumens
  • RearStop Brake Light, Always on brake light
  • Integrated Wheel Guard, AL6061, w/ Side Skirt
  • Frame integrated, heavy duty design

As individual as your needs

Try something out, pay for them weekly, give them back or buy them outright.
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$3 per week
Cargo Hold 37 Panniers
The Bike-Trunk: The Cargo Hold Panniers are like a trunk for your bike. Weekly price includes a pair of panniers. RRP $304
$3 per week
Cargo Hold Panniers
Monster bags that fit a weeks worth of shopping or up to 60kg of cargo. Price includes a pair of panniers. RRP $307
$3 per week
Hauler Rack
Open-ended front rack, perfect for bulky gear. Bottle holder, crate, and champagne not included. RRP $220
$4 per week
Thule Yepp Nexxt Maxi
Lighter version of the Yepp Maxi child seat that fits perfectly with Cargo Hold Panniers. RRP $299
$4 per week
The Clubhouse
Extended rails to keep kids safely inside, or to secure a crate full of groceries. RRP $329
$8 per week
The Storm Shield
Water resistant canopy provides the perfect winter passenger protection! Weekly price includes the Clubhouse.
$8 per week
The Storm Box
Weather resistant protection for your kids or your cargo! Weekly price includes the Clubhouse.
$12 per week
The Storm Fort
Combine the Storm Shield and Box into the ultimate weather protection for your passengers. Price includes the Storm Shield, Box, and the Clubhouse.

The Tern GSD in Action

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